Orumfy makes a difference

Dr. Reddy

It is with utmost satisfaction that I am writing to recommend Orumfy and more specifically Zack Mikaloff to anyone that is seeking business financing.

As a physician beginning a new practice acquiring capital from a major bank is no longer the smooth process that it used to be. Major banks now seek at least a year of performance before even processing applications.

Orumfy was very considerate even within the first 6 months of business performance due to its networking base familiar with the health care sector. Although revenue may not be overnight for a health care business, Orumfy still extrapolated my business performance on multiple levels and provided immediate financing options.

Orumfy is also unique in that its a hybrid merchant capital service that incorporates aspects of both peer to peer and traditional lending, with the simple goal of finding the best and most immediate solutions.

During 3rd quarter of performance Orumfy was able to refinance with better terms to help alleviate expenses and improve monthly cash flow. As many of you know this is quite rare in the industry, but Orumfy and Zack went the extra distance for me whenever needed.

I highly recommend at least a consultation with Orumfy.

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