Zume has failed building pizza robots and is moving on

Seems pizza robots aren't here just yet.

But for how long?

That's a good question.

Business Insider reports that Zume, the famed startup that received $375 in funding capital from SoftBank (remember SoftBank? the Japanese mega tech conglomerate that dumped billions into WeWork) has not only failed at their attempt to make pizza robots popular but aren't even trying anymore.

Instead, they are now focusing on "mobile kitchens" (food trucks) and compostable food packaging.

The company also experienced a change at senior management, with top executives leaving including the interim chief financial officer, the chief marketing officer, the head of recruiting, the head of talent.

The general counsel also quit.

The attorney that was hired to replace the general counsel, quit just after a few weeks on the job.

Yet despite all that, rumors are spreading of yet another sizeable investment to come from SoftBank into Zume.

Throwing more money after bad money? We'll see.

So for now, we can safely say, not yet.

Given the recent shake-up of the company and their move away from pizza robots, there seems to be no one poised to robotize the pizza-making industry in the immediate future.

It is in all likelihood an inevitable part of automation that is coming to small businesses across the globe.

Which company will succeed, and when remains to be seen.

NewsTeam @ Orumfy