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Business Line Of Credit

A business line of credit provides flexibility that a regular business loan doesn't.

What is a business line of credit & how does it work?

A line of credit offers business owners the flexibility and access to working capital that a regular term loan doesn’t.

Use the funds when you need them, and only pay interest on the amount used and not the entire credit limit available to you, as you would with a credit card.

What are the requirements to qualify for a business line of credit?

The minimum requirements for business owners to qualify for a business line of credit on Orumfy’s platform are quite simple.

Borrowers need have their established businesses for at least one year.

Have an annual revenue of at least $50,000 and own at least 20% of the business.

What do you need to apply for a business line of credit?

Orumfy takes the guesswork out of the equation.

We work with multiple lenders who provide unsecured financing and will show you the best options for your business.

Simply open a free account, and upload required documents such as recent bank statements and tax returns.


Whether you’ve been in business for one year or more access to short-term working capital at the right time can make a huge difference.

One of the main advantages for business owners having revolving lines of credit is that they have the ability to use the funds when they need it.

The business line of credit is attached to your checking account, so the funds can be in your banks account immediately.

Only pay interest on the amount used and not the maximum credit limit available to you.

Similar to a credit card as you pay the utilized amount of the line down the credit limit gets restored.


What will a business line of credit cost you?

Revolving lines of credit are an affordable way business owners can borrow cash for their short-term financing needs.

The information in the graphic below will give you some idea on terms and rates.

Or use our business line of credit calculator to see the exact payments.

How could your business benefit from a business line of credit?

Established businesses get the much needed flexibility and on demand access to short-term working capital when they have a business line of credit.

Revolving credit helps business owners borrow exactly how much cash they need to cover business expenses and various monthly payments and avoid an uneven cash flow.

Borrowers pay interest only on the amount of working capital drawn on and transferred to their banks checking account.

It works like a business credit card but with much lower rates.

Not having to pay interest on the lump sum available to you can lower the burden on the business cash flow.

Unlike a small business loan from banks or the Small Business Administration getting approved for unsecured lines of credit takes only a few minutes.

What are the requirements to qualify for a business line of credit?

For most business owners it’s easy to qualify for unsecured lines of credit through Orumfy.

If you have a lower credit score than 550 obtaining prepaid personal credit cards and making timely monthly payments will help raise your credit score to the necessary minimum.

How it Works
Step 1
Borrowers complete the online application with Orumfy
Step 2
Upload necessary documents
Step 3
Once approved DocuSign the agreement
Step 4
Link your business line of credit to your bank account for instant access
Step 5
Use your new credit line like you would a business credit card but with lower rates
We know the SBA process. We can help you get approved. lets get started


Should I choose a business loan or business line of credit?

Revolving credit provides the necessary cash essential for any business.

Having instant access to working capital can help with your cash flow while waiting on your accounts receivable.

Business financing such as a term loan or cash advances by banks or online lenders give borrowers access to larger amounts of short-term financing.

When a lender issues an unsecured business loan a lump sum is deposited in your banks account.

Repayment terms are set up front so payments can be scheduled in advance

Multiple online lenders, banks and credit unions offer business loan options such as these and provide borrowers with choices when it comes to financing their business.

Depending on what your business financing needs are will help you determine what type of a loan is best suited for your business.

Keep in mind lenders may sometimes require collateral when issuing a loan with lower rates.

Real estate can be used as collateral for a business loan in these instances.

What is a secured vs. unsecured business line of credit?

Unsecured business lines do not require the business owners to pledge any assets as collateral.

This is an attractive option for many borrowers because it provides them with available credit like a credit card would, but with rates much lower than a business credit card would cost.

Like with any unsecured business loans the borrowers personal credit score will play a factor in the decision for approval.

Secured business lines of credit will require the business owners to pledge assets or real estate as collateral before they can obtain financing.

The lender can seize the collateral if borrowers do not honor the repayment terms of the loan.

This type of financing usually carries lower rates than unsecured business loans.

What is a business or commercial line of credit used for?

Growing your business requires working capital.

You can borrow up to your approved credit limit for just about anything.

From buying inventory in order to increase annual revenue to investing in real estate, obtaining a business line of credit from a lender can be used however you see fit.

Will a bad credit score prevent me from securing a line of business credit?

Lenders require a credit score of 550 and above in order to qualify for this type of unsecured financing.

While in most cases having a credit score below 550 would prevent you from being approved there are other unsecured options to help you obtain cash for your business.

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