Orumfy is Finally Here


Orumfy is Finally Here

It took a lot of time, hard work, support from family and friends but we are finally here.

Orumfy is a launchpad for business growth, where small business owners come to take advantage of our platform and services.

Our Services and Platform is 100% Free of Cost to Our Customers.

We will never charge you a penny.

Today businesses across multiple industries finally have a partner in the world of business financing, necessary to infuse business growth.

A platform designed around analyzing your business, educating on and guiding business owners through multiple unique financing channels and options available to them today on our platform.


We educate and nurture our clients, by sharing the “Know-How” and guiding them towards low cost business financing options that could be available to them in the near future.

Together designing a step-by-step program, to get there, using Orumfy’s platform.

Our business model saves businesses a lot of money and fuels growth instead of overburdening the cash flow and choking the life out of it during tough times.

Our vision, principles and embedded process flows such as “Human-Touch-Approach” and “Full-Transparency” ensure customer satisfaction and eliminate surprises.

I hope you too, will become one of the business growth success stories, we take pride in.

Welcome to Orumfy!

A Little Trivial History And Insight

Exactly 23 years ago, I came to this country as a teenage boy, full of excitement and curiosity, coupled with fear and uncertainty.


Life was full of surprises. Good and bad. But everything was exciting.

Even my first job, as a warehouse laborer, merely a week after arrival and having already beaten the flu I caught from my brother on the airplane.

That job was initially offered to my dad, who used to be a high school assistant principal back in the old country. But he couldn’t physically do it.

My older brother was already searching for ways to get a job in IT, even though somehow he landed one as a pet-store stock-man for a few months, and loved it.

So it fell on me to either do it or not. I didn’t hesitate for a second.

Our dad taught us the mentality of toughness and being ready for anything before we arrived here.

So as a 15 years old boy, in a strange country, barely speaking any english, I was picked up by 4 strange men in a van, 6am in the morning, and driven to a warehouse where we moved rolls of textile all day.

Each one weighted (I looked that up much later) anywhere from 500 lbs to 1,500lbs.

12 hours straight with two breaks in between, lasting about 30 minutes each.

Many times that day, I just wanted to say, “No more, I quit”.

My english was good enough for just about that.

But I didn’t do it.

I survived.

I preserveered.

The last few rolls were already too heavy for me to be able to vertically roll through the warehouse without dropping it… sometimes on my own feet.

I finished the shift.

When I arrived home, most of my body was pitch black from all the textile residue and bruises.

I couldn’t stand on my own, so my father had to hold me, while my brother helped wash off the grease and dirt off of me.

Obviously I didn’t go there again. Instead I slept through the entire next day, not having any strength to move.

My parents were very proud of my toughness, even though my mom was more mad at the moment with my dad for sending me there in the first place.

I didn’t care about that...

I was living a new life...

Everything was and still is an experience to me...

I was ready for just about anything.


Dream Jobs Or… May Be Not

That excitement and curiosity led me to my first 3 employment opportunities quite early.

I had the privilege to work with not 1 but 3 different Fortune 100 companies, each one an undisputed leader in their own industry.

Working as a consultant for MSKCC as a 17 year old boy (my image helped - I was grossly overweight then, and probably looked at least thirty) and growing from a mere helpdesk analyst to the helpdesk assistant manager for all of MSKCC in NY in 6 months was one of the most exciting times of my life.

Then came the consultancy for Goldman Sachs, followed by spearheading an international project I completed under budget and ahead of schedule for Schering-Plough Corporation, when they have just developed and introduced to the world the most popular to this day, allergy medication Claritin.

Life was great.

While working there taught me a lot about business and life, deep down inside I always wanted my own business.

I realized that while I was this hot shot project manager from NY, thinking my $150 an hour is the ultimate dream job, I’m awarding these small businesses contracts where they will make millions, while having the freedom to work on their own terms.

I had to see if that was for me.

After successfully finishing my project with Schering-Plough, I decided to venture into entrepreneurship.

My First Small Business

Coming from my IT background I founded Tech Team Central.


A NY based, innovative IT Staffing Company, whose specialty was taking fresh out of tech schools young graduates, and giving them crash course into the necessary technologies and most importantly educating them on corporate world standards and expectations, before plunging them into various IT projects.

I was able to employ recent tech school grads, from various schools in the Tri-State area such as Chubb and DeVry Institutes of Technology.

Tech schools loved me.

I hired 10-20 graduates at a time.

Multiple times a year.

Tech Team Central raised their “out of school employment rate” through the roof.

Many quickly moved on to having successful careers in the world of IT, giving us the opportunity to hire new graduates and give more people a leg up, as the first gig is always the toughest to land.

Giving these students an opportunity with their first job and training them is what I enjoyed most.

One of the projects we were lucky to acquire, was to perform the roll-out of all new equipment for all Chase Bank Branches in the NYC area. All 600+ of them.

Upgrades took place on weekends only, when the bank would be closed.

The experiences we lived through were priceless.

Working with these young individuals, was very special.

Sometimes, I think I’ve learned more from them, than they did from me.

The Crash of 2008 and the Birth of the FinTech Industry


“Every ending is really just a new beginning.”

I’m sure you’ve heard that before.

But to hear it, may be even agree and believe in it, is not quite the same thing as to experience it.

The crash of 2008 was very hard on many businesses across not only the US but the world.

Companies had to cut all but mission critical projects, in order to drastically reduce spending and weather the storm.

Many businesses went under. Tech Team Central, had to close its doors too.

I was left wondering where did I go wrong, and how come I didn’t prepare for this.

The simple truth was, that there was no preparing for something like that for service companies.

IT Research & Development, hardware upgrades as well as infrastructure expansion (which was the bread and butter for TechTeam) get cut first, during financial crises.

“Work gives you meaning and purpose and life is empty without it”

Stephen Hawking

A major effect on our economy and society of the crash of 2008 was that banks almost completely stopped lending to small and midsize businesses

Their criteria for a qualified borrower were raised so high, that almost no one seeking business financing had any chance of obtaining one.

However the demand for small business loans and other types of financial instruments used to finance small business, such as invoice factoring, was higher than ever before.

That void combined with advances in financial settlements processes and the progress of the internet technologies, facilitated the birth of a whole new industry.

FinTech, or Alternative Lending.

Using the latest developments in credit card processing the new Online Lenders were offering businesses ways to finance their business, against their credit card sales of the future.

It got to the point, where businesses who normally didn’t need to accept credit cards, started to not only accept them and pay fees, but even encourage their clients to use credit cards to pay them, just to be able to qualify for working capital, necessary for business growth or during a cash flow crunch.

Multiple new financial products have been created since then with one purpose in mind: to finance small business.

However the huge value of a financial advisor that used to accompany a business loan from a lending institution before, was never offered by the new industry, and business owners were left to find out what works for them and doesn’t by method of trial and error - a recipe for disaster.

Business owners instead of learning about “lean business” principles as well as simple structural changes to their business accounting model, and applying that knowledge to secure low cost business financing dove head first into overleveraging their businesses with high risk, super short term, high cost cash advances, very shortly not being able to qualify for anything else.

Until Now.

The Creation of Orumfy’s Platform

Years after 2008’s crash, many ups and downs later, that any entrepreneur knows all too well, I was introduced to the world of FinTech or Alternative Lending.

I didn’t like what I saw.

Predatory lending tactics, employed by less than scrupulous individuals.

Taking advantage of small business owners in need.

Shady ethics and no transparency.

The list of terrible practices and unethical behaviour goes on and on.

After all, FinTech is so young that unlike banks its a barely regulated industry, and it’s up to a particular company, which business approach and mentality it decides to take.

There had to be a better way.

One, where small business owner and his source of capital are aligned with one goal in mind: how to grow his business.

The idea of Orumfy was born.

What you could do with extra cash today?

  • $5,000
  • $10,000
  • $25,000
  • $50,000
  • $75,000
  • $100,000
  • $250,000
  • $500,000
  • $1,000,000
  • Purchase Inventory
  • Run payroll
  • Invest in Marketing & Advertising
  • Purchase New Equipment
  • Hire Additional Staff
  • Renovations
  • Open an Additional Location
  • Overtake the Competition
  • Long Term Growth

An online platform, which would be built, around understanding how small business works.

What it takes to take it to the next level, and how to enable small business owners to grow their business through innovative lending products, while educating them on how to make better use of existing ones.

With the “Human-Touch-Approach” built in to its process flow, ensuring that every customer gets the attention they deserve.


With “Full-Transparency” protocol built in to every phase of the process, eliminating any surprises.


Working on building this platform, was one of the most exciting and at the same time challenging goals I’ve ever had to accomplish.

Today, on my 23rd Anniversary in the US, I’m very happy to write our first blog, and to announce to the world:

“Orumfy is Finally Here”

Zack Mikaloff
Founder and CEO


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